How To Choose The Right Hair & Make-Up Team For Your Wedding Day

By: Stephany Donohue - Owner /Lead Hair Stylist At Magnolia & Pearl Onsite Bridal Hair Concierge
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You said "Yes!" and now it's (hopefully) at least five to six months till your big day! You have the venue down and your dress is squared away, and now you have to take care of hair and make-up. Not just for you, but your whole entire party AND your mother-in-law. Yes! Talk about stress!

What most brides come to realize sooner or later is that their wedding day hair and make-up is JUST as important as the dress and choosing the right team can be quite a feat. For most brides, their regular stylist is stuck in the salon or doesn't do bridal work all together. Finding a make-up artist also comes with it's share of challenges, especially for the 95% of us regular women who don't have the time, luxury or a reason to have a professional make-up artist in our Rolodex.

So how do you choose the right hair and makeup team for you and your bridal party?

Here is a checklist that can help you dial down on what may be right for you and some basic essentials for choosing your artist or team of artists:

The salon or a mobile team

Do you want to head to the salon with your bridal party (a more affordable, but potentially more stressful option) or will you employ a traveling wedding hair and make-up team to come to your get ready location ( more expensive and convenient option)? If you have a small wedding party, you and about two others, the salon may be a reasonable and less expensive option for you, but if your party consists of you and at least four others, a traveling hair and make-up team may be your best option.


The good ole' portfolio! Nothing beats the instant gratification of seeing good work of a potential stylist or artist. Any credible artist will have some type of online portfolio whether it be a website, Instagram, Facebook or a combination of all three. A serious artist knows that it is imperative for potential clients to see a visual catalog of their work.


The three R's are reviews, recommendations and referrals. Talent is not enough of a reason to choose a particular person or team for your bridal beauty service. Do they have reviews on their websites or social media accounts? Have they been recommended personally by someone you know and trust or a credible publication? These are some ways of getting familiar with the way someone may or may not operate their business and this will be a crucial point in making your commitment.


Like any good relationship needs some level of chemistry, so will this one. You will be the most nervous, excited and emotional and every other emotion in between on your wedding day. The first set of people you will spend the longest amount of time with, is your beauty team. A calming and assuring personality always helps any bride during her wedding day prep and you will be able to get a preview of this when you have your trial done. Make sure you are comfortable, listened to and valued in your initial communications, this will give you a vision of what your wedding day will be like with your chosen artist or team.

 Stephany, Magnolia and Pearl's founder and Lead Bridal Hairstylist is a wife, a mother of two and a seeker of true beauty in all things.

Stephany, Magnolia and Pearl's founder and Lead Bridal Hairstylist is a wife, a mother of two and a seeker of true beauty in all things.

Are you a bride, planner, photographer or wedding vendor? I would love to hear from you in the comments! And feel free to share!

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